UX and Content Management

Guest Events website

Creating a website from scratch that compiles not only information and content relevant to the sales team, but also as a repository for the Operations department. It was a complex project that involved the ideation of a website in order to help selling a major European trade fair venue while helping the local and foreign operations teams on their daily tasks.

The project transformed the venue into a full experience digital product. In order to organize the content I was offered a brand new position as Marketing Manager. I was in charge of meeting the clients’ needs, customizing the graphic material, presentations, bids and digital content. My role included the positioning market strategy, as well as the web and graphic design, the production of floorplans, virtual tours and rest of digital tools to assist the sales team. We managed and updated 3000 points of virtual tours and more than 150 design pieces for the various spaces/customized clients.

Fira Guest Events