THE CHIMNEY HOUSE by dekleva gregoric architects

The design of the house is based on the traditional rules of site-architecture. The shape is adapted to the surroundings, respecting its volumetric parameters.

house and spaces
All uses and spaces are displayed on the ground-floor and in the basement, creating dynamic and continuous movements through them, but respecting the privacy and correct working of each room. The facade is developed not only as a closing wall, but as an interactive object instead. Supporting uses such as storage, illumination or part of the kitchen, it allows all activities to happen in the centre of the space, where the light comes from both the vertical and ceiling windows.


This video is a 3-day experiment during a workshop at RCR Arquitectes in Olot, Spain. The excuse was to revisit and subvert the use of some of RCR buildings. Visiting some of their futuristic spaces inspired me to film a low-cost science fiction. Lack of time and resources forced me to appear as an "actor" too (a lousy one!)  in order to be able to establish a dialogue between two characters. 

Video filmed and edited during the 3rd International Audiovisual and Photography Workshop. Hosted by RCR Arquitectes, Espai Barberí, Olot. From 17th to 28th August 2015.


Codina family has been forging for the last 112 years.

Grandfather Codina started the company in 1903, followed by his son, later his grandson Rafel (the star of this film), and now the great-grandson Pol continues his own path within the craft.

They took me all around the region to show me pieces forged by all 4 generations. I also spent some time with them in their workshop in Mataró, near Barcelona, where I shot a bit of their work and skills.



Last Saturday 10th August I went to Festa Catalana in front of Barcelona's cathedral and filmed a bit of this tradition from Catalonia that has become more popular over the years. The success is thanks to the larger amount of people joining the groups formed by citizens of all ages belonging to different cities/neighborhoods. Each colla (group) wear various colours and gather during festivals to showcast different types of castells. Music "Rainballs" by Bo Moonlight - Jamendo